Welcome to Good Vibrations Poole!

We are open and back in action upstairs at The Juntion Sports Centre Broadstone...... 

So whether you have never wobbled with us before, or you just want to get back into action again . Come on in and feel good! We have our own exclusive room with 6 machines giving room for social distance for you to get that all over good feeling in just 10 minutes.
The Whole Body Vibration machines, Flabelos and Look Fab 2 that we use have been a great success for years even before we opened in Broadstone. We are now into our 9th year and we continue to help our customers again when possible. 
The machines can provide an effective 10 minute workout that not only could create inch loss, but more importantly can give effective health benefits, especially in conditions such as Fibromyalgia, IBS, Digestive problems, Arthritis, back and joint problems.  The machines may increase mobility and promotes circulation and can lower blood and sugar levels. The list goes on and on.
The reason it works is simple, the machines not only vibrate but they also oscillate (the seesaw action) making the body try to stabilise itself. All the muscles in the body come into play, especially the core muscles.
Muscles contract and relax, increasing blood and oxygen flow. It's this that gives maximum benefits, with no impact on the joints and creates a massage effect and that's why alot of  aches and pains tend to disappear.
 Please make sure you are wearing socks on the machine or to bring your own cloth to stand on. Easy to do on the way to work, meeting your friends for a walk or even after that game of golf! It's simple as 1-10 because that's all it takes just 10 minutes! Of course wear a face masks too.  
We look forward to seeing you.